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What Do You See?

In Mark, Jesus is doing a lot of teaching to disciples who just don’t get it. They sort of understand, but it’s not clear to them, and they get it wrong, and half-right.

When you read Mark 8:14-38, you’ll notice that there are heaps of references to seeing and sight. In the passage, he tells a story of a blind man who is sort of healed - he can see, but people look like walking trees. However, another try with Jesus and things get clearer. Mark is describing the process of learning from Jesus as if you were blind, could see things a bit dimly, and then clearer as you have another go.

The first important principle about understanding God: have a second (third, fourth) go! Our first impression may be helpful, but it’s not the full picture. When we are dealing with understanding God, scripture, our world, don’t settle for the first thing you ever heard! Revisit the questions, gain more insight, go deeper.

Download the rest of this teaching below.

What do you See Mark 8 Summary
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