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Connecting Together

Check out this page for upcoming events and news,

Bible teaching and discipleship training,

ways to participate and contribute.

Click here to ask for prayer.

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Learning and Thinking

Click here to find Bible teaching and discipleship training materials.

apest team

How do I participate?

Want to join a missional community team? Find out more here.
On Sunday's tech or welcome team?
Click here for rosters.

How do I contribute?

If you'd like to make a donation or set up a regular giving direct debit,

please deposit into this bank account:

Name: Armadale Baptist Church

BSB:  033 181

Account:  56 9685 

Why give?
God gives us everything we have - even the breath in our lungs. We are asked not to hoard God's gifts, but to channel the generosity of God to others. This can be independently through charity and acts of kindness, or by being involved in the way the church collectively serves the community. Armadale Baptist Church is able to serve the community because of financial gifts and volunteer efforts.

We strive to create safe spaces at Armadale Baptist Church,
especially for children and vulnerable people.
To see our policy, click here.

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