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Our Values

Every Member an Agent of God's Change

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Jesus is the centre of everything we do. We believe he is the Son of God, that he lived, died and rose again, and is inviting us into an amazing adventure of restoring the world with him. We learn lots about him through the Bible, in prayer and in living life together.


We believe that God invites and welcomes everyone. We want to be a community that shows the generosity of God. We aim to be a church that isn’t just friendly, but offers real friendship, and invites you to be part of our community. This is a place that you will be noticed, valued and your contributions welcome.

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God is creative and has made humans to be creative. Our gatherings are flexible, relaxed and participatory. Lots of different people are welcome to contribute. Sometimes our gatherings involve music on a stage and images on a screen, sometimes our gatherings involved round-table discussions over food, or imaginative reflection time. When we read the Bible, pray and share, we choose to use expressions that will work for a small group of people who are seeking to follow Jesus. We also love the artistic culture of Armadale, and like to engage in music and art in our community activities.

All Age

We have children and great-grandparents in our church and everything in between. Because we are small, we choose to engage with each other as unique people, rather than only within a certain demographic. Church for us is a family. Our kids are engaged during the service in ways that connect with what the adults are learning. Sometimes that will be in a special activity in their own space, frequently it will be a parallel learning environment. They are welcome and valued highly.

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God reaches out to the whole world, and so we choose not to limit our faith to a Sunday-morning experience contained in this building. We care about the people we meet during the week, so there is deliberate equipping and encouragement to make a difference in the world on an everyday basis. Some of the ways we do this together are through the Gospel Project, mainly music, the Community Garden and the Community Arts Hub.

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