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God's Anger Management

Imagine a spectrum of anger responses:

· Not really angry

· Angry enough to complain or whinge

· Angry enough to feel it in your body

· Angry enough to yell and someone

· Angry enough to take strategic action

· Angry enough to get violent

What point of anger do you feel…

· When someone ruins something I've worked hard on

· When someone I love is in danger

· When violence happens to innocent people in another country (eg Myanmar)

· When I miss out on tickets to an event I've been looking forward to

· When I just want people to do what I want but they're not co-operating

Were there any scenarios that didn’t get you angry at all?

Were there any that would move you to action?

How angry should God get?

· When poor people are being ripped off?

· When women, children and foreigners are treated like dirt?

· When governments wage war to fulfil their greed?

· When genocide happens?

· When people gain power through lies and corruption?

· When the elderly are abused?

· When advice is given to exploit the system?

I would say that I want God to get angry enough to take strategic action. I would want God to care enough to do something.

The problem is that sometimes, that would mean God does something about me. Somehow, God manages his anger. In Romans, it says that management comes in the form of kindness that leads us to change.

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God's Anger Management Romans 2 and 3 Su
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